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Helping to Make Your Business
Everybody's Business, since 1989

Need a quick turnaround on your job? When you place your order, be sure to tell us your timeline and if you need to meet a specific deadline. At The Graphics Factory, we do our best to meet your needs.

Vinyl & Full Colour Signs and Banners

The Graphics Factory produces signs in vinyl on many materials. Lettering and graphics are either printed or cut before being turned into signs. Signs we produce include:

  • Business Signs
  • Industrial Signs
  • Bus Benches
  • Colour Banners
  • For Sale Signs
  • Dry Erase Signs
  • Donation Cheques
  • Menu Boards
  • Backlit Signs
  • Billboards
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Vehicle, Boat, Storefront & A-Boards

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The Graphics Factory can produce lettering and graphics to be installed at your location. Store windows are a popular spot for a business name, a list of services and business hours. Installation is available, as are peel-and-stick self apply decals.

Vehicles can have vinyl lettering applied directly to promote your business. Cars, vans and trucks can be lettered with your business logo/name and services list. For boats, The Graphics Factory can supply BC numbers and of course boat names.

If you want temporary vehicle signage, a magnetic sign is the perfect solution. Quickly place or remove a magnetic sign on your vehicle to promote your business, or drive around incognito.

For more visibility, we have a number of options in A-Board signs, also known as sandwich signs. These are portable signs that can be placed outside your business location or at an intersection. Organizations can use these A-Boards to promote upcoming events and club registrations.

Specialty Cut Decals & Labels

At the The Graphics Factory, we can print and cut almost any design. Decals & stickers are printed on all-weather vinyl, and can be laminated for an extra layer of durability and UV protection.

Continuous numbering is also available on some of these products.

  • Contour Cut Decals
  • Custom Stickers
  • Shipping Labels
  • Numbered Passes
  • Binder Stickers
  • Promotional Decals
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Cut Logo Stickers

Engraved Signs, Nameplates & Stencils

The Graphics Factory can produce engraved signs and nameplates in a broad range of colours. Engraved signs can be mounted in tracks; with screws; with double-sided tape; or be built so they are self-supporting stands, such as 2-sided name plates.

Engraved & full colour nametags are also available to order, with either a pin or magnetic attachment. In addition to standard colours, silver flake, brushed aluminum, brushed gold, and European gold materials are also available.
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  • Lettering & Symbols
  • Logos & Arrows
  • Many Colour Combinations
  • Nameplates & Holders
  • Engraved Name Badges
  • Full Colour Name Badges
  • Luggage Tags
  • Pet Tags
If you need to paint lettering directly on the surface of material not suitable for signage or vinyl lettering, stencils are also available.

Rough-finish wood, drum barrels and other surfaces in industrial areas may be better signed with custom stencils. Stencil materials include plastic, mylar and brass; Rollers, ink pads and ink for stencils are also available.

Call The Graphics Factory at 250-723-6227 for details.

Peel & Stick - Perfect for DIY Projects!

The Graphics Factory can help fulfill your creative needs too! We can supply custom-cut vinyl lettering that you self-apply in your home, in the nursery or kids’ rooms, your workshop, on your car or boat - wherever you like. As long as the application surface is clean, smooth and dry, you should be good to go.
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3-D Steel, Plastic & Foam Letters

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Looking to make a big impression? 3-D lettering is becoming more popular, and is available in a variety of colours and finishes. Materials include steel, plastic and foam. If you’re thinking about switching to 3-D, give The Graphics Factory a call at 250-723-6227 to find out more about your options.
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Sign Materials

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Coroplast, our most popular sign material, is a corrugated sheet of plastic, similar in look to cardboard, and available in multiple colours. Lightweight and versatile, coroplast is suitable for signs being used inside, and is easily weatherproof to be used outside in the shorter term. Most real estate signs are produced on coro.

For a smoother, non-corrugated finish, we also offer sintra and styrene, both solid-core plastics.
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Our banner material is a heavy gauge, plasticized canvas. It is readily available in 22”, 28” and 34” widths on a roll, with other sizes also available to order. Our banners have grommets at each corner, and at regular intervals along the top and bottom edges.
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Aluma Panel

The Graphics Factory can produce your project on Composite Aluminum. These sign blank panels are durable and ideal for outdoor use. Featuring a solid plastic core between two aluminum panels, this composite material can also be machined to custom shapes.
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Stock aluminum sign blanks feature outstanding durability at an economical cost. A variety of sizes are available, and our custom aluminum sign blanks are cut and finished locally. They are available in a highway grade gauge, and can be sheeted in any standard or special order vinyl colour, or in a reflective vinyl for outstanding visibility at night.


3157 2nd Avenue
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Tel: 250-723-6227
Fax: 250-723-1990
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